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213 Collingwood FC Песни & усилвател; Футбол песнопения

Футболен отбор в AFL, Australia

14620 Cashed Up a reminder that we are above all else!
14695 Collingwood Club Song The Official Club song lyrics.
14849 Are You Melbourne in Disguise? when we're smashing a team!
15083 Ever Seen Freo Win the League? sung for the Freo scum!
15594 Neon Leon superstar
16723 Pemdles - He Plays on the Left Pendles
16957 Alan Didak Walks on Water Didak, love him
17247 Sinking sung to mainly Melbourne supporters. To the Yellow Submarine tune
17495 Hello! Hello! Derby classic
17745 Karmichael Hunt in the shop til 2011 when league superstar becomes AFL reject
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18298 We're Collingwood coz we are the greatest
18554 Scott Pendlebury the next captain
19970 Black and White Army when playing those tw*ts in yellow n black!
20217 Who's That Team? A great song
20463 We All Follow the Magpies! explains itself
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